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Your sample, delivered at the optimal moment

Reach millions of your target consumers when they are of mind to care for self & family

Why through ARRIVED?

  • Contracts with all product sampling distribution partners. 

  • Your brand receives category exclusivity.

  • Assistance to integrate with your retail & DTC strategy.

  • Independent market research included with each program to measure trial & purchase conversion.

  • There is an inherent trust between consumers & their self-care providers.

  • Associate your brand with consumers’ self-care routine.

  • Partnering with trusted venues provides an implied endorsement of your product.

Drive consumers to your DTC store with ARRIVED

  • “I couldn’t find it in the store”, is a top reason why a consumer doesn’t purchase after receiving a sample

  • We use QR code technology, linking the sample to your retailer or DTC store driving the consumer to browse, learn or buy

Coming in 2023

  • Protected by patent pending technology

  • Antimicrobial protectant individually applied to each ARRIVED gift bag

  • 100% turnkey, ship your samples to our fulfillment & packaging center, we do the rest

Category research as seen in

Over the past 15 years, we have distributed 2.Billion product samples through our exclusive travel, healthcare, childcare & wellness networks.

Industry leaders distributing your product samples through self-care venues


Reach consumers at the point of usage & point of need at hotels, resorts & short-term vacation rentals


The leading healthcare product sampling network in the US partnering with Pediatricians, OB-GYNs, General Practitioners & more 


With the #1 rated daycare & childcare network, achieve 90%+ product sample trial rate


Reach consumers visiting health clubs, yoga, Pilates, acupuncture & more

9 out of 10 consumers actively practice self-care


successful campaigns


samples distributed




ROI twice the industry norm


five-star service

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