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Your complimentary samples have...

Reach 1.5MM consumers monthly visiting a General Practitioner, Pediatrician, and/or OB-GYN.

The #1 healthcare product sampling network in the US.

Proudly celebrating our 15th year!

“This team has played an integral role in sampling our products to new moms, targeting the right birth practitioners based on our criteria, and managing the relationships successfully time and time again – making things better, easier, and more cost-effective.”

— Traditional Medicinals®

“We really enjoyed the opportunity to provide our patients with high quality samples that were beautifully packaged, easy to distribute, and helpful to them.”

— Freeman Rumph, MD

Why reach consumers through healthcare facilities?

On average, an American visits the doctor four times a year. Staff at participating practitioner offices have an established relationship with your target audience, creating a natural opportunity for a powerful implied endorsement for your brand.

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