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The average US traveler plans to take 2-3 overnight trips in the next year.

Beach & Spa

Hotels & Resorts

  • Florida coast, Scottsdale/Sedona, San Diego, Austin, Hilton Head, Palm Springs and Hawaii

  • Reach active, affluent consumers enjoying golf, tennis, sunbathing, spa & fine dining

  • Hotels, Resorts & Short-Term Vacation Rentals

  • Year-round distribution with a Dec-March & May-Aug peak

  • Orlando, California, Amusement Park & Water Park Hotels & Resorts throughout the US. 

  • Year-round distribution with a March-April & June-Aug peak

Theme Parks & Resorts

  • Ski & Snow Resorts & National Parks

  • Hotels, Resorts, Inns & Short-Term Vacation Rentals

  • Year-round distribution with a Nov-Mar & Jun-Sep peak

Mountain Resorts & National Parks 

  • Las Vegas, South Beach, Austin, Charleston, Nashville, NYC, LA

  • Year long distribution 

Favorite City
Resorts & Hotels

Reaching event and festival goers at vacation rentals, hotels & resorts supporting major events and festivals throughout the US

Event & Festival 

Hotels & Resorts

  • Hamptons, Palm Beach, Vail, Aspen, Beverly Hills, Palm Springs, Napa Valley 

  • These locations attract consumers with an average HHI of $150K+

  • Year round distribution through hotels, resorts & short term vacation rentals 

Luxury Hotels & Resorts

Why reach your target while traveling?

  • 2/3 of consumers forget to pack essentials

  • 80% of consumers are more open to trying new things while traveling

  • Consumers are without their typical 'brand set'

  • Associate 'pleasure of moment' to your brand

Where do consumers receive ARRIVED?

Below are some of our most popular destinations

Your complimentary samples have...

Reach millions of your target consumers staying at hotels, resorts & vacation rentals.

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