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Your complimentary samples have...

Reach 1MM consumers monthly at daycare centers, preschools & recreation centers.

Parents and Brand Marketers alike agree!

"Five stars!"

— WaterWipes®

“This team has always been able to meet our sampling needs. One of the valuable services they provide are end of campaign reports. These reports have been extremely helpful in determining the success of our sampling efforts, as well as provide insight into what the consumer thinks of our product/offering.”

— WaterWipes®

“Sampling helps both the consumer and the manufacturer in getting the product and its benefits into the hands of the target market. Having new products to sample is a great way for people to find something new that works for them and their families.”

— Rhinelander Preschool

Why reach consumers through childcare facilities?

Your product sample is gifted from a trusted partner they already have a relationship with. Parents and students are offered solutions to their family’s needs in a place that is already part of their daily routine.

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