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Your complimentary samples have...

Reach 1MM consumers monthly at health clubs, yoga studios, Pilates & acupuncturists.

The leading self-care focused wellness network in the US.

“We have done a lot of different kinds of sampling over the years, but we continue to work with this team because of their efficiency – they allow us to be smarter with our dollars by reaching our exact target demographic at very granular levels!”

— SmartyPants Vitamins®

“It is beneficial for everyone involved. The product gets good exposure, the clients love trying something new for free, and it helps our business by having something special and extra for our members and clients.”

— Ultimate Sports Institute

Why reach consumers through wellness facilities?

A recent study found that over 75% of US consumers surveyed feel that wellness is more important than ever. Associate your brand with consumers' self-care routines.

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