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Almost 2 out of 3 consumers will take a vacation in 2021

While leisure travel hit record lows last year, 2021 is already seeing a significant uptick, with almost 2 out of 3 consumers planning a vacation this year.

Airbnb released a series of travel stats that paint a compelling picture, predicting '2021 will be the year of meaningful travel'.

  • Leisure travel is the activity Americans have missed the most during the pandemic

  • Consumers want to create 'meaningful memories' through their travel

  • Consumers miss leisure travel more than going to restaurants, bars, attending sporting events of other live events

  • Just thinking about leisure travel makes people feel significantly happier by almost 20%

  • A majority are traveling; 60% of 30-49 yr olds have either already booked or are planning a trip in 2021

  • Family travel & couples travel are growing in importance - the desire to create lasting memories that are positive coming out of the pandemic

  • Top emotions consumers want to experience from their travel Relaxed & Comfortable

  • Consumers want to travel domestically and explore new areas of the US

Happy traveling!

ARRIVED research team


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